12 January 2005

Testimonials: Samba for Everyday Use

Samba, being the network tool that it is, is most often spoken of in the context of an enterprise environment. However, lots of people find Samba handy in everyday use, like sharing files or printers with a spouse on a home network, or using Samba to power a Linux music server. Several people have written us here at news.samba.org to share similar stories of the usefulness of Samba in all sorts of work.

Vinicius Kamakura writes about how Samba helps him overcome being tied to a Windows application in his line of web development:

I've samba-shared Apache's document root on my Linux box so I can access it directly from my code editor in Windows; it speeds up my work so much, since I'm able to edit the live source files! Can't imagine my life without it.

Patrick Blake told us of the role his Samba server plays while he's gaming:

Over the past 3 years, I learned how during lan parties I could quickly swap, configure, and setup an impressive amount of quick serving shares over a number of network devices.

Samba not only enables better game play, but Patrick concludes, "now Samba helps protect my network." Certainly, Samba offers lots of safe and reliable possibilities, even when dealing with gaming, music, websites, and home networks.

If you have a testimonial about your experience with Samba, please go to our story submission form and let us hear from you.

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